My Ink

It all started when i was 17....

My first tattoos, were a tribute to my godmother and my late grandparents. I grew up in a semi tattoo friendly household so I had been secretly planning these tattoos for a few years. 

I sat for a little over 8 hours.....

The pain was excruciating by hour 5 and I had tears streaming down my face but I didn't care. Because when I was done I was left with the two beautiful tattoos on the backs of my thighs. They were perfect.

One thing led to another....

That basically started my obsession. There is something about the way ink looks on skin that appeals to me. It's also a window into the person whom wears them with pride. I love to hear peoples back stories. That's also probably why the day after I got my first ink, I started to plan more! I would jot down ideas and passions. And if i still liked the concept later on I would get it done. Now I'm the proud owner of 20 tattoos. They range in sizes and all have a different meaning behind them. I would love to have more but I also value my artists work and this is not cheap! I will always get more tattoos, especially if I make it to 80!

Artists That Have Tattooed Me

Pat Gilliman

Zack Carpenter

St. Petersburg, FL

Ande Spade