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Lea Von Dämon

Lea Von Dämon

Lea Von DämonLea Von DämonLea Von Dämon




Little Bit About Me


Hello! Welcome to my website. I go by Lea Von Damon, I am a globally published model, photographer, artist, event coordinator, and social marketing guru.

Live In The Moment


All of my work is designed to make you live in that moment. To make you feel something. Whatever it may be.

Making Memories


From Timeless memories, to wild events, to the latest news stand publication. I can service your brand,company,or personal needs as a model and photographer.

A Little Bit About Me

 Let's start from the beginning. My name is Lea Von  Damon and I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, but spent my winters  with family in Florida almost every year, since I was a baby. As a child  I was very into art and anime. That led me into attending local art and  anime conventions in my town.After attending several conventions, I  started to work with a local photographer helping them with their photo  shoots, and learning the industry. Shortly after this I started taking  both film and digital photography classes and digital imaging classes to  explore my talents. Along with making my own cosplay costumes. As time  went on, I would submit my art to local galleries and events, continue  working as an apprentice for a local photographer, and making more  elaborate costumes.This ended up leading to people becoming more and  more interested in my work,but not in the way that I had imagined. I  ended up having more and more photographers that would reach out to work  with me as a model outside of being in cosplay. I was pretty excited to  start gaining modeling experience, to learn the industry, and to work  with others that share my passion. It felt good to get some serious  modeling experience under my belt, and it was during that time period  that I decided to take the leap and move to St. Petersburg Florida to  further my career and better off my life. Since moving to Florida I have  since been featured in over forty publications to date, including  multiple international and global magazines, and an online features by  Playboy and cosmopolitan. As my modeling business grew I couldn't help  but have a part of me miss my photography. So I decided to take another  leap of faith and get back into photography,Around this same time I  started to work with local events more and more , until I started  planning and coordinating them as well. With all of my experience I  started to attract a lot of attention with local models as well, whom  would ask me for work or references from time to time. But it got to a  point where I decided to just offer classes and courses for modeling and  other professionals to seek my knowledge. I I find beauty in  everything, you just have to know where to look. And that is what I want  my photography to do for people, to make them see the beauty, to make  the viewer feel something. From models, events, products, fashion,  landscapes, pets, to family photos and more. I love it all, because I  love the people and products I have the pleasure of working with.  Whether it’s in front of the lens or behind it.  



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Lea Von Dämon

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